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Printing Machines involves transfer of the image from the etched plate on to the products by means of silicon pads. This method is also termed as 'Tampo Printing', 'Transfer Printing' by different people at different places. This method of printing offers the possibilities of printing on different materials/substrates. This is possible by changing the type of ink and shape of the silicon pad. Sometimes a blower or heating element is added for speeding up the drying time of ink. Such an arrangement is required in case of multi - color printing

Pad Printing  

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Printing Application  :  Pad Printing finds application in a wide range of industries like automobile part ,Electrical part ,Electronic component, Pharmaceutical, Surgical part, Plastic - injection & blow moulding , tools, cosmetic, CD & cassettes , Writing tools, Gift

We specialize in printing Machines, Screen Printing machinery manufacture in mumbai India , closed cup Printing inks, Pad printing supplies, Printing inks for printing, Printing Solutions, Print Services, Screen Printing machines , We are committed to providing printing solutions, printing machines for various customer in Mumbai, India & abroad Pad Printing is sometimes also called "Tampo", "Tampo Printing"

Printing  Inks are available for printing on surfaces like PS, ABS, PC, SAN, PVC, PMMA. Printing Inks are available for printing on Lacquered surfaces, Polypropylene without pre-treatment, Rubber, Glass, Metals and Painted surfaces. We can provide color-matched printing inks as per given specifications. For customers wishing to prepare special colors themselves in-house we offer relevant formulae on request printing ink

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