Pad Printing Manufactures  : Machine Rotary Pad Printing

      Product: Mosquito Mat 

          Rotary Pad Printing Machine to print on Paper Sheets

          Auto Load through Stacking System

          High printing output of 1000 sheets per hour

          PLC based controls


    Pad Printing Manufactures  : Automotive Filter Housing

     Machine UV Rotary Pad Printing

          3 Colour UV Rotary Pad Printing Machine

          High output of 40 prints per minute

          Auto Loading & Unloading Facility

          Product clamping system

          Servo motor based Rotary Indexing System

          Individual Servo motors for printing stations

          PLC based controls

Pad printing machinery

     Pad Printing Manufactures:  Pad Printing Product : MCB

          Printing Automation for printing on MCB�s

          Simultaneous printing on top & side face of product

          On Line Pad Cleaning Facility

          Auto Loading & Unloading Facility

          Infra Red Post Curing Facility

          PLC based controls

          High printing output

Pad printing machinery


      Pad Printing Manufactures  : Product : Closure

            Machine Pad Printing Client :  

          Orientation & Auto Loading & Unloading facility for closures

          On Line Gas Flame Pretreatment facility

          On Line Pad Cleaning System

          Product checking & Ejection station

          No Product No Printing Facility

          Two/Single Colour Printing Facility

Pad printing machinery

       Pad Printing
Manufactures  : Product : Pro Circle

            Machine Pad Printing

          Machine with  4 Station Mechanical Indexer

          Vacuum Suction Facility for holdind Pro Circle during printing

          After indexing Pro Circle is Picked & Placed on Belt Conveyor

          140 Diameter Closed Cup Facility


Pad Printing Manufactures

       Special Purpose Machines : Strap Cutting Machine

        Product : Packaging Strapping

            Features :

          Automatic strap cutting facility

          Settable cutting length

          Cutting output of 60 meters/minute


Pad Printing Manufactures

Paper Cutting Gumming & Assembly Machine

Product : Mosquito Repellant


Complete Packaging system which included the following sub systems

          Gumming of Yellow paper, pasting & bunching of yellow paper

          Punching of yellow paper in press, ejection of cutout on conveyor

          Pick & Place of cutout, dispensing of adhesive drops on PVC packet

          Placing of Yellow cut out

          Pick & Placing of Expiry Tab

          Forming of white tissue paper

          Pasting into PVC packet

          Addition of �Active�

          Closing of Packet


Pad Printing Manufactures

Assembly machine

Product : Nasal spray nozzle & tube

          Assembly of tube & nozzle for nasal spray. System included

          Dumping of nozzle in vibratory feeder

          Linear movement of nozzle to Rotary indexer slots

          Nozzles fit into indexer slots

          On indexing three rows of tubes are cut & press fitted into inverted nozzles

          On indexing nozzles are ejected into collecting bin  





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